Assignment: Peer Review—Applying Motivational Interviewing Skills to Assessment

Over the past 4 weeks, you have practiced using the OARS motivational interviewing skills. For this Assignment, you will have the opportunity to integrate the four OARS skills in a role play exercise with your classmates.
The purpose of this exercise is to practice using the OARS skills in real time and to practice providing feedback on motivational interviewing.

is to practice the OARS skills and determine the areas that need further development.
Write paragraphs below for the roles of being a Service user, Practitioner and a peer reviewer below: (5 or 6 lines)

Service User: Portray a human services-related problem for which motivational interviewing is appropriate. You may draw inspiration from the problems articulated in the Hart City case studies, but your problem should be different.
You may also draw inspiration from your own life if you are comfortable doing so, but please refrain from sharing sensitive or overly personal information. In addition, avoid portraying problems that may be more appropriate for a traditional counseling session (e.g., significant mental illness). This exercise is designed to be authentic and, as an advanced human services practitioner, you will rarely know the service user’s problem prior to your first meeting with them.
Practitioner: Demonstrate the OARS motivational interviewing skills in your interactions with the service user (i.e., open-ended questioning, affirming, reflections, and summaries).
Peer Reviewer: Observe the interactions between the service user and the practitioner and complete the Peer Review form, located in the Learning Resources, to provide feedback on how well your classmate demonstrated the OARS skills. Email the completed form to your classmate.

Not sure if you will need all the resources that are attached.