Assignment- Topic is     What is the effect of exercise intensity on body composition? Use t

Topic is    
What is the effect of exercise intensity on body composition?
Use the attached document to complete your Critical Assignment by Wednesday at 11:59pm PST. It is expected that you make revisions and corrections to each section of your paper based on the feedback you received in your CAPs.  Please use the bulleted points and the rubric below to guide your work.  Your paper must include the bolded sub-headings provided within the document, and should be written in paragraph form, following APA formatting throughout. 
Clear and succinct identification of the topic
Narrative of the relevant research that currently exists
Gap in literature identified, leading to your purpose statement and hypothesis

Demographic characteristics and sampling method identified
Inclusion and exclusion criteria identified
Identify how you protected human subjects and data privacy


Identify data collection protocol and how it fits within an experimental research design
Identify and describe your research instrument(s) and their validity/reliability

Plan for data analysis

Describe the method used for analyzing data

Identify results from your data analysis
Include at least one table and at least one figure to report your data
Summarize key findings
Compare and contrast your findings with past research
Explain mechanisms that were likely to be at play, giving you the results you found
Identify limitations and recommendations for future research
ApplicationInclude the figure you created/adapted from CAP 1 on the heirarchy of research design, and explain the differences between each design and what each of them can and can’t conclude.  Provide an example research question using your same topic that could be answered by each type of research design.