Audience Predisposition

Pick ONE type of bias from EACH of the four problem areas (see four slides on Predisposition.ppt). Maybe pick biases that you think you might have.
Research each bias (follow the link)

What is the bias? Just identify it.
Write a brief description (1-2 paragraphs) of each bias you chose (4 total). What is the definition?
What problem area does it address, and how? Which of the 4 heuristics does it address?
What might be one or more contributing factors or events to the development of this bias? Speculate on how the bias gets started in us.
How does it impact your ability to get someone to KNOW or DO something you want? Maybe use an example.

Although this is an individual assignment, you might want to share your thoughts with your Support Team. It’s perfectly okay–even advised–that you have a peer review your work before you hand it in. Just be sure that you do all the writing for your paper.
No specific format to be used this week.