Benefits of Writing Across the Curriculum

Benefits of Writing Across the Curriculum
Writing across the curriculum provides many benefits for students, including improved writing skills, increased content comprehension, mastery of various writing styles, and engagement with topics. In this modules assignment, you will create a presentation or slide show of a curriculum plan. Introduce a draft of the presentation in this discussion. You will consider the feedback from peers in polishing your presentation for final submission in the module assignment. Follow the directions below to guide an original post and peer responses.

Write an original post in response to the following question, then attach a draft of your Module 4 Application presentation (file or link) to your original post.

How can you use writing across the curriculum to nurture and promote the writing development of dual language learners?
Attach a draft of your presentation to this post (file or link).

Respond to at least two different peers:

View and provide feedback to at least one peer on their presentation. Highlight strengths and areas of potential improvement on the curriculum design, application of Blooms Taxonomy, and/or research-based methods.
Respond to at least one other colleagues original post.