Biblical Leadership Paper: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

An annotated bibliography is a compilation of references to books, articles, and other supporting documents. Each citation or reference is summarized by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. Many writers use annotation to provide the reader with relevance to the topic selected. One reason you are asked to create an annotated bibliography is to develop a variety of skills, including concise exposition, cogent analysis, and informed library research. You will need this skill as you walk through the process of writing your paper.
Choose 1 of the following topics to research and write on. The topic you select for this assignment will be the same topic that you research for the Biblical Leadership Paper: Final Submission Assignment:
    Trace the idea of leadership in the Prophets (For example, examine the idea that the prophets were leaders as a result of God gifting them).
    Trace the idea through the Scriptures that Christians have a God who has bid them to come after Himan idea of leadership specifically seen in in the Gospels and Acts. Here, you may choose to focus on either the Gospels or Acts.
    Trace the idea through the Scriptures of Paul as a leader and particularly the challenge he issues to Christians to imitate his leadership.
This assignment must begin with an introductory paragraph of at least 75 words explaining the intended focus of the paper. This introductory paragraph must include the thesis statement. This thesis statement may change for the final paper, but for now, provide an anticipated thesis statement.Following the introductory paragraph, provide a bibliography of at least 20 RELATED SOURCES. Among those 20 sources, the bibliography must contain:
    At least 14 books;    At least 6 journal or magazine articles; and    No more than 5 websites.
Additionally, provide a 150 – 160 word description for each source explaining the general content of the source and how you anticipate the source relating to or contributing to the research of your topic.
Please note: the purpose of this assignment is to prepare an initial investigation into the biblical/theological foundations for a topic related to the leadership aspects of your own research interests and produce a plan for conducting a thorough biblical/theological analysis of the topic. Some elements that must be considered in the plan include biblical texts that appear to have special relevance to the topic, theological issues that should figure prominently in analysis, and historical and contemporary exegetical and theological resources that have special relevance to the topic.
This assignment should be approached as preparation for the biblical/theological foundation portion of your thesis project. This assignment will provide practice at the task of laying a biblical/theological foundation for a research project. This assignment must include extensive bibliographical material (with annotations demonstrating how the resources are likely to be important to a biblical/theological analysis of the students topic).
Note the following regarding the Grading of the Assignment:1.  The paper will be evaluated stringently, so the student must make sure that the Annotated Bibliography is well-prepared.
2. The assignment must be edited for grammar and sentence structure.
3.  The student must be concise and thorough in his/her argument.
4. The student must also display critical analysis and interaction between writers, avoiding an encyclopedic listing in his/her writing.
5. This assignment will primarily be graded on the quality of the chosen sources,
6.  How well they seem to fit the subject, and how well the bibliography follows the current Turabian format.
7. Title Page is needed for the Paper
8. Table of Content also