Bibliography assignment (Not a annotated Bibliography)

Your research project requires you to have at least eight academic sources for your final research paper.  That means that you will start your research with many more than that and weed through the articles that are helpful and not helpful.
Here are the requirements for your Working Bibliography Assignment:
1. A title and sub-title:     The working title of your research paper (which means it can be changed later) followed by a colon (:) , then A Working Bibliography
2.  You should then list at least 15 academic resources and good articles that might be helpful in your research.
3.   All entries should be alphabetized and contain all appropriate information according to the MLA style for documentation.  You can find more on this style in Module 4, in the ME supplement, and through Google search.
4.   All entries should be indented and double-spaced with correct punctuation.  Pay attention to the correct form if you have multiple articles by the same author.