BSN Necessity

This assignment is designed to get the student familiarized with using the American Psychological Association (APA) style of writing. After reviewing the documents in the module and carefully reviewing the document titled ‘APA Information and Examples,’ construct an example of paraphrasing and quoting. This should be in the APA template. Follow the instructions below:

Read pages 169-173 of the document titled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change Advancing Health from the Institute for Medicine. This document is located in the module as a stand-alone document. 
Using the APA template, create a document. Make sure you follow the directives on the title page. For assistance, see the document in the module titled APA Information and Examples.
Use the following headings

Introduction (all headings bold)

An introduction typically begins with a few general statements (three to five) about the topic, followed by a purpose. An example of a purpose statement for this assignment would be: The purpose of this discussion is to review the literature to determine the reasons why the bachelors degree in Nursing (BSN) is necessary. This document will have examples of paraphrases and quotes according the American Psychological Association (APA) style of writing. Remember, paragraphs have at least three to five substantive statements. 

BSN Necessity 

Under this heading, create a paragraph to describe why BSN nurses are needed. Remember to follow the APA tips. Paragraphs have at least three to five substantive statements and should contain some of your own words.
In this paragraph, create one paraphrase as to why more BSN nurses are needed. For help, see the document in Module 2 titled APA Information and Examples. Remember paraphrases need an author and year for the reference. 
Next, create one quote (either a short or long quote). Remember, quotes need an author, year, and page or paragraph number. For help, see the document in Module 2 titled APA Information and Examples.


Provide a conclusion, with at least 810 substantive statements to summarize the information above. Conclusions typically do not contain references.

Reference Page (goes on its own page)

Provide at least one reference.
For this reference, the following reference and format should be used:

Institute of Medicine. (2011). The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health. Retrieved from: file:///Users/terri/Downloads/IOM%20Future%20of%20Nursing%20(1).pdfNote this is a corporate author. The name of the author is listed first, followed by the year of publication. Next, the title of the work is presented. Finally, the direct url for where this document can be retrieved is listed, no date here.