Building Habits

There are four tips to building new habits.

Start with a small habit. 

Make the habit so small you can’t say no. Make the habit so easy you can get it done without a ton of motivation. Make the habit so small that you don’t have to psych yourself up each day to do it. For example, say you want to start a habit of doing push-ups every day. Start with 5 a day instead of 50. 
2. Increase your habit in small ways.
After you start small, you need to gradually improve your habit. Even a 1% improvement can add up fairly quickly. With our push-up example, you could do 5 a day for a week, then go to six a day the following week. 
3. As you gradually build up your habit break the habit into small chunks.
It is critical to keep each habit reasonable. Why? You need to keep momentum going and to make the behavior as easy as possible to accomplish. When you get your push-ups to 20 a day, you may want to do 10 push-ups twice a day instead of 20 all at once. 
4. Plan to fail
The boxer Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Understand that you probably will get punched in the face at times and fail. But you need to realize that this is ok in terms of practicing a new habit. It’s important that you don’t get defeated and continue to get back on the horse. 
Now it’s time to apply these tips and start incorporating a new habit into your life. 
Instructions: For this assignment, you will choose 1 habit that you want to develop. Specifically, I encourage you to choose an entrepreneurial habit like getting more comfortable with failing, getting out of your comfort zone, or learning one new piece of information every day. It could be a personal development habit, such as using your phone less or reading more. Choose a habit, come up with a plan, and implement it for 1 week. For help and tips, read and watch the videos in The Ultimate Guide to Habits

Read the syllabus for details
write-up includes: 

The habit you chose
The plan you implemented
A reflection on what happened, what it was like, how did it feel, any failures you encountered, what you did to overcome failure