Part 1: Sponsor Letter Regarding Museum Expansion Case (worth 90 points)
Imagine that you are a project manager who has just been hired to step into an existing museum expansion project that was abandoned by a previous project manager. The expansion project includes adding a store/café/kitchen, a new lobby, and a lecture hall to the museum. To further contribute to the challenge of taking over this project, you just found out that, due to unavoidable events, the project completion date had to be pushed to December 15, 2021. This will give you a total of 81 days (as of your takeover on September 26) to complete it, but your current project plan shows 89 days required. What do you do? There is no room in the timeline for errors or mistakes, so you will need to take a hard look at the schedule and determine what options you have to make sure the project is completed on time. Are there any assumptions you need to make due to gaps in information left by the previous project manager? If so, what? Finally, you will also need to come up with a contingency plan.

In a 1-page (single-spaced) professional letter, address the sponsors and explain what option you have chosen to take in order to get the project completed in the 81 required days. Explain how you came to this decision and why you feel that it is the best option. Second, disclose any assumptions you had to make in the event of missing information, as well as risks or trade-offs this option may have that should be factored into the sponsors’ decision of whether to sign-off on the new schedule. Finally, include a contingency plan in the event that the first option fails.
Part 2: Personal Reflection on Project Scheduling (worth 60 points)
 For part 2 of this final assignment, I would like you to reflect on what you have learned in this class and connect it to your own enrichment as you continue to bolster your skills in managing projects.
What have you learned about yourself through this class in general and in your efforts to redevelop the museum expansion project schedule in particular? What areas of project schedule management do you feel you excel (or at the very least have a strong understanding)? Where has your biggest growth in knowledge and/or skill occurred over the last seven weeks? What areas do you feel you still have much more to learn? What course of action might you take moving forward to ensure that you gain additional experience in project scheduling?  You might want to look at the “Summary and Checklist” questions to help you formulate your ideas. (500-word minimum)
Part 3: Supporting Documentation for your Letter (points are part of the letter’s evaluation)
Provide supporting documentation to show how you reached your conclusions/recommendations in the letter to your project sponsor.  This could be a revised network diagram, revised Gantt chart, or similar project management tool.