Business assigment.

There are two assigments

Assigment-1 is  (Jose Rivera’s New Business Decision)

Jose Rivera has decided to leave his job at Mattel and open a restaurant.  Jose has never owned a business and never run a restaurant, but cooking is his passion.  He plans to open the restaurant with his cousin, Miguel.  Jose will not have to borrow money to establish the restaurant because his father died last year and left him a sizeable inheritance (he bought a new home, and a new car among other things, and established an investment account with a broker).

Jose planned on establishing the business as a sole proprietorship on the recommendation of his brother in law.  His brother in law, Juan, has a successful consulting firm, and that is the type of business his brother in law established.  Joses daughter, Carmen, attends college and is majoring in business and has suggested that her father consider establishing the restaurant as a C Corporation.
The class is being divided initially into three groups:

If your last name begins with G thru O, then pretend you are Juan (the successful brother in law) and make the case that Jose establish the business as a sole proprietorship.( My last name begins with M.)

Your initial post should only discuss the advantages of the structure you have been assigned. 

Assigment-2v ( M&A) fallow the intructions on the document that I uploud.

If you have any quetion please let me know.