Business report

Write a Business Report – In this writing assignment, you will practice self-regulated learning and purposeful communication Habits of Mind.
Write a report comparing a minimum of three items within a specific category. You will practice self-regulated learning as you choose your own topic and conduct the necessary research to educate yourself about the topic and comparative items in the category. Think about your audience and make your communication choices that will best express your ideas and resonate with your audience.

The report will have the following requirements:

Use a minimum 800 words
Create a cover page
Write a clear purpose statement to frame your report
Write an introduction, body and conclusion (not necessarily labeled as such)
Use headings, previews and transitions to help the reader follow your report
Conduct your research on a few topic choices to make your final topic selection.
Use a minimum of three secondary sources and use APA format or footnotes to cite. Hint: It is best to research and cite more information than you may need so that you can choose the most relevant information.
Choose and/or create a minimum of three visuals – one table, one graph and one visual of your choice. Use purposeful communication and self-regulated learning to choose the best visuals to support your report findings.
Make at least two conclusions and/or recommendations. Build your case using purposeful communication that culminates to logical recommendations.
Do not use first person I recommend. Your report should be more formal.

This report should use 1.15 line spacing and 11-point font.
Your report will be graded on how purposeful your communication is as well as professionalism, overall content and research, use of visuals and recommendations. The report is worth 15 points.

Topic Examples:
1.     Specification and price comparisons of 3 mid-size SUVs
2.     Difference in admission criteria within the USNH system
3.     Comparison of theme park admission ticket prices
4.     Comparison of top three tablets to use for a sales team