business strategy

This assignment is about writing a business strategy for a company, this is a introduction proposal of the paper, please chose a company that you feel confortable to write but not too complex. 
 3-page proposaloutlining the following:
       The company/organization you are going to be doing your majorproject/Master Thesis on
       Explain why you have chosen this organization
       Explain how doing the project on this particular organization fitsyour personal and career long term goals and objectives
       Explain what sources and resources you will be using to getinformation about the company/organization
       Explain how you will attain financial information about thecompany/organization
       Give a list of 10-12 references you will be using to get informationabout the company/organization
Please note:  Thefollowing companies are NOTacceptable for your major projects: Whole Foods, Apple, Blackberry, Telus,Bell, Rogers, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Walmart, WestJet, AirCanada, Tesla, Netflix, Toyota, Alibaba, Tencent, Nestle, Nike, New Oriental,NVIDIA, Bilibili, BYD, NIO and any other companies that the Prof is tired ofreading about.