Case analysis

Case problem: One or two paragraphs identifying the business situation/ problem. This is not “retelling” the case story. You are a consultant to the firm; what problems do you see as you enter the firm such as employee, management, and customer behavior/concerns. You should assume that the reader has read the case (15 points).

Key HCM Management Issues: Identify five (5) HCM issues in this case requiring management attention. Number each of the issues and in one paragraph explain and identify an example from the case that illustrates the issue. Do NOT solve the issue, simply identify the issue. (25 points).

Selected Recommendation: Choose one of the identified issues and recommend a managerial approach to resolve using your course resources. Resources include our class lectures, any of the books from the course, and outside reputable sources that can support your argument. Note–Wikipedia is not to be used here. Be sure to cite your sources in text and list on your references page. Include approach, resources required, and estimated time frame to initiate and complete. Envision yourself as a consultant to the firm recommending how they should solve their problem. (30 points)

Conclusion: What were the key “lessons” or insights that YOU learned from reading this case? How will this insight change your behavior. Explain (15 points).

Class and Source References: Use APA style intext citation (author, date) and include a reference page at the end of the brief. (5 points)

Style & Grammar (10 points)