CASE ANALYSIS: An Analysis of Human Resources Practices at Amazon.

You will research the following: An Analysis of Human Resources Practices at Amazon.

Note that the sample case study above (link) analyzes human resource practices at Starbucks, so this is a good example for you to review. The difference is, Starbucks has a strong human resource strategy. Amazon is just the opposite: they have some issues on the HR side. I would recommend researching the issues and identifying how they impact Amazon’s strategic mission as a company, their stakeholders, and in particular, their HR strategy. Then, provide a possible solution or two. Hint: I would incorporate the data analytics information you learned.

Minimum length: 5 pages, double spaced, #12 font. Don’t worry about a title page or abstract. Do include a thesis statement, a conclusion, and a list of works cited on a separate page. APA formatting also. See the example given on the URL sample, if you need assistance with this or go to the PVCC library.