Case study

1. Karen and Michelle senior nursing students, share an interest in telehealth and want to incorporate such technologies into the personal nursing practices. Both feel that current healthcare delivery is influenced by technology and expect that to continue in the future

a. What specifics associated with teletrauma care can Karen share with Michelle to support her plans to work in a rural hospital as a healthcare provider meeting the needs of the potentially underserved?

b. Karen plans to focus on disaster healthcare. What support can technology provide for such healthcare needs?

2. As nurses, we need to understand what systems can do to help us efficiently manage information that relates to patient care. A nursing student who is currently completing her maternity clinical rotation, is attempting to apply the Meaningful Use Core Objectives to her nursing practice

a. What is the meaning and what are the goals of Meaningful Use?

b. How can the nursing student incorporate the Stage 1 core objectives into her established nursing responsibilities?