Case Study

Supply Chain Partnership Design and Incentive Alignment  – Apple Inc.: Managing a Global Supply Chain  Harvard Business School 2014
Focus: Studying the worlds leading supply chain company with particular attention on how they manage their partners.
Key questions to consider: 

Review Apples supply chain for its iPhone product. What differences set it apart from competitors? 
What are Apples key advantages in how it manages its supply chain operations, especially its partnerships?
What are the challenges that Apple faces in the future, and what are the implications for its supply  chain?
Jessica Grant needs to think about a supply chain investments strategy. How would you frame analysis, recommendations would you make to the companys vice-president, Phillip Duchene, and why? Focus on where you would invest in making vs. buying

Use the case study as a starting point. Conduct a review of the business and academic press to develop a deeper understanding of how Apple decide what to make and what to buy and once it buys how it manages the subsequent outsourced relationship.