case study

The science of climate change is summarized in your textbook.  This represents the scientific consensus (majority of climate scientists agree that the recent changes in global climate are driven by human activity, especially fossil fuel combustion and deforestation). 
The public is not likely to see the textbook you have, nor are they likely to read and understand peer-reviewed scientific journal articles (they are harder to find and include lots of scientific jargon).  Instead, the public is more likely to form their opinions based on media available to them, for example, the internet. 

Create a new discussion thread, using your name as the thread title.
For this essay, you will evaluate the following two internet sites.



For the second website, along the left-hand side menu, click on number 10 climate myth  ‘Antarctica is gaining ice’.

A. For each site, determine:
(1) Is this a reliable information source?  Who runs the website?  Does this person’s/group’s credentials make the site reliable or unreliable?  Explain.
(2) What is the primary message of the website?  What evidence is it providing?  Are peer-reviewed journal articles referenced/linked? 

B. As you become a better consumer of science, how will you form your opinions on scientific matters after taking this course? Explain.

C. Find a reliable article on climate change impacts in Iowa.  Provide a hyperlink to the article as well as a brief summary.

D. What impacts of climate change do you think will be the most significant to our state’s economy, environment, and sustainable future?

For your initial post, please answer each of the questions.  Write out your answers to these questions in a 300-400 word essay.  Please include links to any sources you may have used in answering these questions.  Use complete sentences (no lists) and your best collegiate writing skills.
Your initial post is worth up to 50 points.

Do not forget: your initial post is due the day before the rest of the unit to give your classmates time to read and respond to your ideas.

To complete your discussion, read at least two of your classmates’ essays.  Respond to their essay with critical thought and any questions their essay provoked.  Your responses are worth up to 20 points.
Remember, this forum is for well-informed, respectful class discussion on your essay topics.  It is my hope that these discussions will lead to deep thinking on these important modern issues!  (Responses such as “great essay” will not count towards your score).