case study

Prepare a written management report that includes, at a minimum, the following sections:

Purpose of the Report
Description of the Problem
Methodology (which would include the model formulation)
Findings or Results
Recommendations or Conclusions

Be sure to address all relevant points, discuss any assumptions you are making, justify any modeling choices you have made (for example, the choice of time series forecast model), and highlight the following items in your report:

a forecast of the next production period’s average price index for raw sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, and sunflower mash,
a recommendation for the optimal purchasing strategy from the various suppliers,
a cost-volume-profit analysis using for the recommended purchase strategy and the forecasted sunflower oil and mash sales price,
a discussion of the risks and uncertainties that are faced by the company, and
an analysis and opinion on the profitability of the company in the next production period (accounting for the expected profit or loss and the inherent risks/uncertainties.

Remember that you are writing the report from the point of view of a consultant with senior management of TourneSol Canada, Ltd. as the intended audience.