CASE Study

For the assignment you will take notes on this article / podcast, which deals with the topic of violent video games. Questions will be provided soon to help you focus your note-taking. 

There has been much debate over whether or not portrayals of violence in the media actually lead to violence in rl. Video games are a site of particularly heated debate over the impact of explicit and violent images on children and young adults. Back in 2003, Craig Anderson called for policy makers, parents and educators to recognize the potentially very negative impacts of violent video games. In an article entitled “Violent Video Games: Myths, Facts, and Unanswered Questions” Anderson (2003) argued that: “After 40+ years of research, one might think that debate about media violence effects would be over. An historical examination of the research reveals that debate concerning whether such exposure is a significant risk factor for aggressive and violent behavior should have been over years ago (Bushman & Anderson, 2001). (…) But the development of a new genre-electronic video games-reinvigorated the debate” (para. 1). Nearly 20 years later we are in fact still discussing this issue. Christopher Ferguson, a professor of psychology who has gained some recognition in mainstream media, has become a vocal defender of violent videogames. In the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast, Ferguson (2020) notes that “To their credit, the American Psychological Association has more recently been clear in saying that violent videogames are not linked to actual violent crimes” (para.4) Yes, parents as well as educators have important roles in teaching children about violence, but do media have any moral responsibilities to children and their parents in what kind of content gets aired as entertainment?

link of the article  Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

It’s Time to Reboot the Debate Over Violent Videogames