Case Study Analysis

You will select two theories ofcounseling and psychotherapy studied in Chapters 414 of your Corey text todescribe and analyze (FEMINIST THERAPY & ADLERIAN THERAPY) You will thenapply the two theories to The Case of Stan (See Chapter 1 of the Corey text forthe case study). The areas you should focus on when analyzing the theory arelisted below. This APA-style paper should be 68 pages (excluding referencesand title page). Select the supporting sources of information carefully, usingthe most relevant and applicable information.

PartOne: Theoretical Analysis

Briefly describe the theory’s origins (background, how was it developed, who created it) and basic philosophies (its view of human nature, theory of change, view of psychopathology, the role of the counselor).
Explain how the theories align with your own philosophy, values, and views of the therapeutic process.
Evaluate the research evidence supporting the theories, with an example from a current study.
Analyze and discuss the appropriateness of the theories for diverse populations.

PartTwo: Theoretical Application

Describe goals you will work on with Stan (make sure the goals align with the chosen therapeutic approaches).
Identify and explain interventions and techniques you will use with Stan, based on your theoretically established goals. Be very specific. Assume that you will have up to three sessions with him.
Address cultural considerations you will keep in mind while using the therapeutic approaches with Stan.
Discuss strengths and limitations of using the theories with Stan.


Your paper should be 68 pages in length.
Write your paper in APA-style essay format.
Include at least five peer-reviewed, scholarly articles from the Capella library databases, and the textbook for a total of at least six sources.

Your assignment will be scored onthe following criteria:

Apply major theories to philosophy, values, and views of the therapeutic process.
Evaluate the research evidence supporting the theories.
Analyze the appropriate application of theories for diverse populations.
Create a theory-based intervention or treatment plan for Individual client.
Address cultural considerations for a specific therapeutic approach.
Examine the strengths and limitations of theoretical approaches to specific client relationships.
Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a psychology professional.
Successfully implement APA style.