Case study- Health Promotion in the Prenatal and infant Population

Case study- Health Promotion in the Prenatal and infant Population 
G.K. is a family nurse practitioner in the health department of a large city. She is responsible for following up with infants and children who have been referred to the health department. Most of her referrals come from the hospital upon discharge of an infant going home to a potentially high-risk environment.
G.K. follows up with each child to ensure he or she is in a safe environment and is growing and developing adequately. She provides education and support to the parents so they can anticipate and respond appropriately to the challenges of raising children.
*** Define and describe the following influences that can affect individual’s potential for growth: • genetic factors• prenatal and postnatal exposures• nutritional factors• environmental factors• lifestyle • health care practices.
Also, discuss the following questions below:
1.   Describe the relationship between culture and growth and development. Assess whether all growth and development milestones should be applied to all children regardless of cultural background.
2.   Design a teaching plan for parents regarding injury prevention during infancy. In your teaching plan you must include the home of an infant injury proof.