Case Study- Interventions for Health Promotion

Case Study- Interventions for Health Promotion
D.Z. is a holistic nurse practitioner in a large multispecialty clinic. She works in the offices of surgeons, internists, and Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYNs.) Because the client population is so culturally diverse, D.Z. was hired to serve as a liaison between the providers of conventional healing and complementary and alternative healing practices.
One of D.Z. clients is M.L. She is 3 years old and has a seizure disorder. M.L. parents rely on traditional medicine to cure their daughter’s seizures. They believe her seizures are caused by the spirits. Their compliance with M.L daily anti-seizure medicine and follow-up appointments has been poor.
*** Please define and describe Acupuncture as a therapeutic alternative and its indications
Also, discuss the following questions below:
1.  Define and describe the primary goals of screening.
2.  Discuss your thoughts on the relationship between economics and nutrition. How would you advise people of low socioeconomic status to eat healthy on a budget? How would you respond to patients whose financial restraints limit their access to food?
3.  Identify potential barriers to patient teaching and how you would address these barriers.