Cash Flow Projection based on financial planning case study

Provided is a 24 page case study of a client coming to “me” for financial planning. I am writing a financial plan for this client. This part of the assignment asks for a cash flow projection. I will also include a copy of the parts of the plan that I have completed so far. Below the assignment talks about using my net worth and tax projection data form prior weeks to help with this part of the assignment. However, some editing is needed due to errors. I am willing to pay for corrections to the networth statement and the tax projection portions. Unfortunately, professor will not provide any feedback to help me. 🙁 

Prepare a rough draft Cash Flow Projection for Cory & Kassidy Colemans financialplan. Your cash flow projection will be graded for neatness and accuracy.
Assignment Tips:
       The cash flow summary should be amaximum of one page.
       See the Income and Expense Summarysection for details.
       Use your net worth and tax projectiondata from the prior weeks to complete the liability payments and tax portion ofthe cash flow statement.
       The Colemans want to include anybusiness income and expenses in the normal household cash flow statement.
o   Thisimplies using Kassidys gross income in the income section and having abusiness expense line item in the expenses section.
  Alternatively,you can list Kassidys net income in the income section and have a mini cashflow section separate from the main household cash flow sheet showing herSchedule C breakdown (i.e., use her business profit and loss table).

Employer savings for Corys 401(k) should be excluded from the cash flow worksheet.
Interest and dividends have an impact on the tax projection, but they are being reinvested and not spent; thus, they have no impact on cash flow and should not be included in the cash flow projection.