Change Scenario Project

The student will write a 56-page analysis, in current APA format, that addresses an organizations need for change. The student may examine a current or past work setting (Family dollar cashier), a non-profit, or a for-profit organization. The student will identify the area in need of change and, using Kotters change model, describe the methodology for introducing the change. The paper must include a title page, an abstract, and the content of the paper must include an introduction and a conclusion and the paper must include a Reference section with at least 5 references (scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or respected trade publications) in addition to the Kotter text(Our Iceberg Is Melting By John Kotter) (at least 6 total references).

Title Page
Content (56 pages)
Section 1: Identification of industry and area in need of change
Section 2: Plan for implementing the change
Reference section