Chapter 1- Understanding Leadership

Denny Hills career as a high school swimming coach didnt start out well. The seniors on his team quit in the first season because he required them to come to all the workouts. The team only won three meets the whole season. That was 40 years ago. Since that time, the high school chemistry teachers success as a swimming coach has been extraordinary; his winnings include more than 900 boys and girls dual meets and a phenomenal 31 state titles.
Denny is noted for creating a team effort out of what is usually considered an individual sport. He begins every season with a team sleepover, followed by Hell Week, a two-week grueling regimen in which team members swim at least 5 miles a workout and 10 miles a day. He acknowledges this is a bonding experience for the swimmers, regardless of their skill, because they are all in the same boat.
Denny passes the mantle of leadership onto his team members. Seniors are expected to be mature leaders who inform the freshmen of the team goals and expectations. Juniors are to be role models, while sophomores serve as quiet leaders who are still learning but have a foundation in the team culture. Even the freshmen members have a job: They are required to pay attention to the coaches and other team members as they learn the teams culture and whats expected.
Denny holds a 20-minute team meeting each Monday where every member has the opportunity to present a rose or a complaint to anyone on the team including the coaches. He is tough on swimmers and makes them work, but when they need support he is always there to put an arm around them. Denny also uses humor, often making jokes that help take the edge off long, hard workouts.
And despite his teams successes, Denny isnt about winning; hes more about preparing to wintelling his swimmers that by preparing to win, everything takes care of itself. When you do win, he says, youve done it the right way.

What leadership traits account for Denny Hills success?
How would you describe Denny Hills leadership abilities?
Leadership includes administrative skills, interpersonal skills, and conceptual skills. How does Denny Hill stack up on these skills?
How does Denny Hill integrate task and relationship behaviors in his leadership?
From a relational perspective, how would you describe Denny Hills leadership?
In what way does Denny Hills coaching exemplify leadership as an influence process?

To work in the field of leadership and human resource development, individuals need to possess a diverse skillset which includes effective communication needed to create partnerships, convey messages, solve problems, and lead organizations. In todays highly globalized world in which communication is a means of bridging distances, the emphasis on effective written communication is greater than ever. Thus, as future leaders, you will be required to develop and nurture your writing skills and demonstrate them through written assignments throughout this course.
It is expected that all written materials submitted in this course will be organized in a logical manner and be written in clear and understandable language. Submitted papers should be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors, as these will influence your grade. Students should follow the Grading Rubrics and to ensure that they communicate their ideas effectively in writing.
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Note: Students should follow APA guidelines for citations; however, it is also required to include page number for every reference to the textbook, regardless of whether a direct citation is used or not. This will help the instructor evaluate the understanding of key concepts from the textbook. You should include at least one reference to the textbook for each question.
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