Chapter Review

Read the assigned chapters write a 200 word response for each using the assigned book. 
Your response should come from your textbook and be ½ a page using 12-point times, new roman font with 1-inch margins submitted as a word document.
Place the question in the document and the response below to each question. 

Chapter 1

What are the organizational advantages of integrating strategic management and HRM? What are the steps involved in such an integration?

Chapters 3, 4, 14
Describe the process of professionalization. What is the difference between a profession and an occupation?

Chapters 2, 12, 14
Describe the three phases of the labor relations process. Why are all phases equally important?

Chapters 6, 7 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting through the Internet? What advice do you give to a hospital that is considering using the Internet for recruitment?

Chapters 8, 10, 11 
Regardless of your personal feelings about pay for performance, what cautions will you communicate to a team that is designing an incentive system in a healthcare organization?

Chapters 9, 13
CASE 1 Chapter 8. Page 266. Summit River Nursing Home. Please answer Case Questions 1 – 4. 

Chapters 5, 15
How will the aging of the population affect both the supply of health professionals and the demand for healthcare services?

Chapter 15
What themes and methods are common across QI methodologies?