chapters summaries

Once you have completed your summary paper for chapters 4-6 of your book, please submit it here. Please note—Only MS Word or PDF documents will be accepted. If you turn in anything other than a Word or PDF document, I will not be able to open it and you will receive a “0” for the paper.  
As a reminder, you are to summarize (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) chapters 4
-6 only (you will NOT have any extra articles to summarize for this summary paper).  Page 3 of your syllabus describes how you should complete the assignment, so aside from offering an overview of the chapters within 2 pages, please be sure to address the following within your summary: “Based on the knowledge you gained from prior classes, which part(s) of the readings did you find most engaging?” And/or “Were there any parts of the readings that surprised you? If so, explain.”