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July 12, 2022
How to lose weight without losing your mind?
The idea behind a process analysis essay is to identify a topic of interest, which can be explained in a series of steps. It is wise to choose a topic that is well known to be able to describe in detail each step in the process (Myers 4). Therefore, a process analysis essay can either describe how something is done, how something works or even both. The choice of the topic is very important since one has to explain everything step by step. Ito chooses my topic wisely, I considered the topic I have a good understanding of, identified a theme and focused on a specific thing, and ensured that the topic is helpful and had a practical worth. In my process analysis essay, I will be explaining how people can lose weight without losing their minds.
I have been a victim of excessive weight and I used to think that shrinking my waistline would require me to follow a strict schedule, such as eating special meals or taking a miracle pill to melt the extra pounds overnight. I believe there are people out there feeling or thinking as I did, but it’s time to have a positive perception and realize that losing weight doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. Anderson argues that many Americans are feeling frustrated and are looking for all means to lose their weight, including surgery. I believe that everyone’s body is different and before even thinking about how to lose weight without losing mind, people should start by accepting how their body looks and loving it.
I believe the first step toward losing weight is identifying some of the lifestyles that need to be changed. This involves setting rules and regulations to guide and ensure one stays on course for a week or more. This is not easy since one has to follow the routine without fail, and one may be attempted to go back to the odd system. One of the lifestyle changes that must occur is the feeding pattern, whereby one has to discover or seek guidance from relevant practitioners on what foods to eat freely, regularly, moderately, and sparingly (Bacon, Linda, and Lucy Aphramor 2). One has to forego cravings despite being the best meals for it to work
The second step is to know the right foods to eat and the ones not to. I believe the process is supposed to be smooth, but one should not be stuck in an unsuitable weight loss plan. However, one has to always remember that failing to follow the adopted system for even a day can make one go back to step 1. People have to know the different categories of food and their nutrients to choose wisely. Ludwig argues that carbohydrates are the biggest contributor to obesity and other health conditions and not fats as many people believe. This is a good example of why people need practitioner guidance. I agree with the author’s argument since the human body stores fat in the form of energy. On the other hand, carbohydrates have to undergo a lengthy process since they are broken down in the small intestine and not in the stomach. This means that some carbohydrates must be stored and wait to be digested, making one feel hungry. This forces one to eat again, making the body store more fat in form of undigested carbohydrates and one continues gaining weight. Therefore, one has to seek relevant guidance from health advisors and nutritionists to make informed decisions on the right foods to eat to lose weight.
The third step is to learn how to eat healthy foods that are fat-free. Cordain suggests that one way to lose weight is to eat as raw as possible. I agree with this, and I think one should try to reduce carbohydrate consumption and be keen while buying foods to ensure they contain fewer cab contents. For instance, one can be reading each food’s nutrition labels and buy food with low sugar and carbohydrate contents. People should also avoid buying processed food since they are expensive and likely to be unhealthy. I believe that grocery food products are the best since they are fresh and likely to be healthy since they contain fewer chemicals.
The last step is to remember that you are human. It is always said that we should hope for the best but expect the worst. The process may fail to work for one reason or the other and as I mentioned earlier, everyone has a different body and so what works for one person may not work for another. In the process of trying to reduce body weight, one should trust the process and be ready to accept the results. If the results are not as desired, people should know that they are just human and give them another trial. However, I’m convinced that if those steps are followed effectively, people will experience body changes that will motivate them to keep on trying. This is because we are human beings, and we get motivated when we try something and notice some improvement.
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