Christianity Discussion

Look at the variety of images of Jesus found in the world today:
Image is attached.
We do not have any eyewitness physical descriptions of Jesus; however, since he was Jewish there are some generalizations that can be made from historical studies. Here is an article that provides a theory and an artist recreation of what Jesus might have looked like as a Jew living in Judea in the first century Common Era: Medical Artist Reveals What Jesus Christ Looked Like Using Forensic Science(if this link doesn’t work for you, you can read an article online through the library database by Mike Fillon titled The Real Face of Jesus: Advances in Forensic Science Reveal the Most Famous Face in History). Basically, the article describes that as a first century peasant, Jesus would have been about 5’1, 110 lbs. with short hair (lice was a problem, so long flowing hair at the time was not practical). For this discussion, address the variety of images associated with religious figures. Address the following in your initial post:
– Title your initial thread in a way that reflects the content of your post. Be creative (yet respectful) with the title in such a way that you provide a preview of the content (and attract others to read). Titling it “Christianity Discussion” or something similar is unoriginal, does not entice others to read it, and could result in a deduction (the word “discussion” should not appear in the title anywhere). – After researching the topic, provide your reaction to the theories of what Jesus looked like.– Research to see if you can find some other images of Jesus to share and discuss.– You can even explore the many different Buddha images as well (optional). Are these two situations the same? Why or why not? – Provide at least 2 MLA (Modern Language Association) format research source citations: MLA Citations.
Once you have established your thread, engage your classmates in discussion. This involves providing meaningful conversations in the threads of others as well as maintaining your own thread. Ensure that you provide original writing (do not copy the words of your sources), proper grammar, correct spelling, and appropriate punctuation in all of your posts.