CMIT 380 Project 1: Windows Upgrade Plan

How Will My Work Be Evaluated?
For this assignment, you are asked by your manager to develop a plan for upgrading the computers for a client from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. This will require you to review the business needs of the client so that you fully understand the requirements for the upgrade to be successful. For example, what is significant about the need for an upgrade to Windows 10? How will it benefit the client? Are there any concerns that the client has about the upgrade? How will you address them?
By documenting your choices and the overall recommendations in an effective background report, you are showing how you use your technical knowledge to convey your ideas to others in a professional setting. Your ability to express your findings using the right mix of technical detail is an important workplace skill.
The following evaluation criteria aligned to the competencies will be used to grade your assignment:

1.1.3: Present ideas in a clear, logical order appropriate to the task.
1.3.3: Integrate appropriate credible sources to illustrate and validate ideas.
1.4.2: Use vocabulary appropriate for the discipline, genre, and intended audience.
2.2.3: Explain the assumptions underlying viewpoints, solutions, or conclusions.
2.3.1: State conclusions or solutions clearly and precisely.
10.1.2: Gather project requirements to meet stakeholder needs.
10.1.3: Define the specifications of required technologies.
11.1.1: Explain appropriate preparation procedures.