Common Business Positions and Effect on Customer Experience

Using 300-500 words in a double-spaced Microsoft Word formatted document, write a comprehensive summary covering the following:

Review this week’s lesson and resources. Conduct outside research on the topic of job positions in your business or industry. Pay particular attention to the descriptions of the job duties for managers. 

Some recommended websites to start your research:
Click here to access the National Retail Federation {NRF} website for information on retail industry careers. Use the Search features on the left side of the page to enter a keyword (such as the name of an industry) or choose a Job Category to view a list of job positions in that specific industry or category. Explore several different job postings to get a sampling of the varied job descriptions and responsibilities for each.
Click here to access a non-profit job board and explore the feature jobs available in that organizational sector. Again, research several different job postings to sample the varied job descriptions and responsibilities for each.

Develop a response to each of the following questions: 

Identify at least three categories of business or industry positions and summarize the primary area(s) of accountability for each category. (e.g., supply chain, sales, and service, store support, warehouse, maintenance, etc.)
Explain how each of the three categories contributes to achieving organizational goals
Describe how each of the categories influences customer satisfaction and evaluate how customer satisfaction might be negatively affected if a position in one of these categories did not exist