Complexity theories and management

 gather research regarding Complexity theories, global performance targets, and fostering innovation. The healthcare field is an area where we cannot use trial and error on our patients but we need to remain innovative and on the leading edge of technology. Read the following summary and then answer the questions that follow in a coherent essay that is a minimum of three (3) pages, not including a title and/or reference page:
Complexity theorists advise organizational leaders to abandon command-and-control styles of management and instead set global performance targets and establish a few simple rules. This approach can unleash creativity and innovation, but it can also promote conflict and waste.

How can managers “let go of control” yet still ensure that organizational activities are coordinated with each other aligned with organizational goals?
What could managers do to mitigate the potentially negative consequences of following complexity theorists’ advice?
How can this be done without putting patients at risk?