Comprehensive Sports Business Research Network

Comprehensive Sports Business Research Network Assignment
The Sports Business Research Network ( is amarket research and publications database that lists and provides informationon sports organizations, teams, corporate sponsors, sports agents, marketingand event management agencies, and media companies around the world. The APUSOnline Library has a subscription to the SBRnet database. If you have troubleaccessing SBRnet, feel free to select the APUS Library and “ContactUs” for assistance. To access SBRnet from the Library homepage, click on thetab at the top titled “RESEARCH” and then click on “Databases(Articles & eBooks)” under the heading of Research Tools. Finally,click on “S” under “Library Databases from A to Z” and youwill find SBRnet. 
Part I: Using topics, readings, and discussions from theclass and this SBRnet source, assemble your viewpoint on a local, national, andglobal issue in sport based on both your personal observations and articlesfrom the SBRnet. The issue may be the same topic at the local, national, andglobal level, or you could choose a different topic for your local area,nation, and globe.
Part II: Look up at least one article for the local, thenational, and the global issue in the SBRnet that aligns with topics from theclass and assemble the observation with information you find in the SBRnet.Provide a brief description of each of the three issues. The local, national,and global topic should each be described with a minimum of 200 words for atotal of 600 words or more.
Use the Sports Business Research Network in the APUS OnlineLibrary.
Please don’t forget to cite your sources in APA format andattach your assignment as a Word document.

NOTE: I’ve already written the paper. However, it sounds all over the place and unfocused. I need someone to take my current paper review it, revise it and make sure it is plagerism free and that it flows.