Computer Science

Binary Numbers CASE: You are attending a math conference with your fellow classmates. You see several individuals wearing t-shirts  with the following saying: “THERE ARE 10 Kinds of people. Those who understand  BINARY and those who DON’T.”  TASK: 1. Create a new word processing document and save it as Binary Numbers. 2. In the first paragraph, explain what the binary number system is and how it is simply another way of  describing an amount. 3. Add a table to your document that is two columns wide by five rows long. Add the following headings  to the columns: Decimal Number and Binary Number. Add the following numbers to the first  column, under Decimal number: 8, 25, 136, 1492. 4. Complete the rest of the information in the table without using a calculator. 5. Create another table in the document. This one should be two columns wide and seven rows long. The  column headings are Decimal Number and Binary Number. In the Decimal column, type the numbers  25 through 30. Use the Windows calculator to convert the decimal numbers to their binary equivalents,  and then enter the results in the table. 6. Below the table add a second paragraph that explains the t-shirt quote.