conclusion of class race and gender- answer 3 discussion questions

Future Directions in the Study of Class, Race and Gender
After going through the book Class, Race, Gender, Crime by Barak Leighton and Cotton (2018), (5th edition), and reading the conclusion on Crime, Justice and Policy, answer the following questions:

Which of the three inequalities in class, race or gender posits the greatest threat to America’s future as a melting pot of diversity? You are allowed to discuss the intersectionality of all these inequalities with each other before coming up with your position.
Which of the three groups, class, race or gender experiences the greatest disadvantage by America’s criminal justice system? Let the criminal justice policies and practices discussed throughout the book and in the conclusion guide your position and response. You may use intersectionality here as well.
If you were in a position to make a decision, which of the three concepts will benefit most from future research and why?

I can attach book link for insite-conclusion topic