Consider how these unconscious biases can impact research and healthcare.

For week 4’s discussion, let’s dive a bit deeper into implicit bias and how it impacts healthcare. After reviewing this week’s content, you should now be familiar with clinical research, clinical trials, and implicit bias. 
To begin, please watch the Ted Talk “How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias” By  Valerie Alexander and consider the implicit (aka unconscious) biases she discusses and her suggestions for addressing our own unconscious biases in our day to day life. (Note: The speaker does not directly address implicit bias in research and healthcare; however, her talk can be applied to everyone in all aspects of life.)
After watching the video, consider the different implicit biases discussed by Valerie Alexander as well as those mentioned in this week’s content. Consider how these unconscious biases can impact research and healthcare. 

1. Module 2: Week 4 content
2. Rubric for Weekly Discussions
What to Include

Complete your discussion by submitting a written post that includes answers to the following questions:

 Reflect on the video and information in this week’s module. How does this information make you feel? Can you think of instances where your own implicit bias or those of others may have impacted your life?
Explain two new pieces of information you have learned about implicit biases from the module and video.
In your own words, how will what you have learned about implicit biases affect your actions or decisions going forward?
Do you have any thoughts on how implicit biases can better be addressed in clinical research and medicine?


Submit a peer response to two fellow students. Please respectfully comment on their responses. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions to add to their post? Peer responses should be submitted in written or video format.