Consumer behavior research project

INSTRUCTIONSUnderstanding the influence of culture on the consumer decision process is an importantpart of a marketer’s job. Cultural norms and values, along with consumer perceptions,family, and group influences, are all factors that can significantly impact the diffusion ofnew products or services. Many firms realize that they must adapt existing product orservice models when introducing them into a foreign market.First, you’ll read the Global Opportunity box titled “Fast-Food Rulers in China” in Chapter 8of your textbook. Then, you’ll examine the two different strategic approaches adoptedby the fast-food chains KFC and McDonald’s when they expanded into China. Which,in your opinion, would be the more effective strategy for expanding into India, and why?The link in the book for Reuters has changed please use the following: project should include evidence to support why the strategy you selected has thebest chance of success. Examples of evidence include Indian demographic statistics,comparison with similar brand/product expansions into India, ethnographic studies,the results of direct questioning and content analysis, and so on.Your project should be three double-spaced pages typed in a standard print font,size 12, with 1-inch margins. Be sure to provide a works cited page that lists reliablewebsites, journals, and any other references used in preparing the submission. Anysources referenced must be in proper MLA format. Visit Purdue Online Writing Labat for information aboutMLA-formatted works cited pages.