Thhis is a corrections assignment : 4-5 sentences for the response to this questions Why do custody concerns outweigh all other concerns within a prison?  Explain your answer.
Then respond to two things : 1.  Custody concerns outweight all other concerns because for one when it comes to prison in general you are dealing with all kinds of people from different walks of life fromlow level crimes, mental illness to gang bangers and truth be told just some real cold hearted people that has no care in the world for al lot of things so it is vital that when people are incarcerated  they need to be in the correct custody status this protects other inmates, correction officers and keep every one safe as they can so thats where we get into the five catagories or levels from super max facilities to detention centers better known as administrative and if we where to just put people in one prison that would choas and a bad choice so its safer for the oficers and inmates to keep people in their proper custody status 

2 .  Custody concerns outweigh all other concerns within a prison for multiple reasons. Every inmate comes from a different background in regards to personal issues and type of crime committed. For example, anyone that has abused children in any way shape or form will definitely be bullied and picked on at the prison. Prisoners do not get along with anyone that is a child molester or things of that nature because they do not approve. So even if you committed murder, these people should be kept separate from child sex offenders because they will definitely disrespect them. This also applies to gangs. It’s very important to keep gang members from different gangs away from each other. Otherwise if they’re from rival gangs, they might try to kill each other. Also, based on what crime was committed, prisoners should be separated. Someone who committed murder is more dangerous than someone who may’ve stolen something or committed fraud. In order to protect prisoners and officers as well, these types of prisoners should be separated. Lastly, protective custody is very important where they isolate a prisoner for about a day in order to protect that prisoner and others. Isolation is needed sometimes.