Course Project – Information Systems

This project aims at evaluating your understanding of the Management Information Systems,
the various topics covered in the course, and your understanding of the role information
systems play in organizations. The project serves as an introduction to leveraging information
systems and technology to solve problems, reengineer processes, and/or innovate. You are
tasked to:
1. Identify a problem which can be solved through the use of information systems, or
2. Identify an opportunity which can be taken care of through the use of information
systems, or
3. Identify an innovation which introduce a new way of doing “something”
This can be at a professional level (work) or a personal level (daily life).
· Problem solving manual shipment tracking inconsistency and lack of information.
Information Systems tools are used to reengineer the tracking processes to be
automated and integrated with the shipping vendor
· Problem solving: compliance with HIPAA for a dentist office. Information system tools
are able to ensure that the network is secure and reliable, the procedures are in line
with HIPAA requirements, and the people are trained.
· Innovation: Using IoT to monitor the temperature of seafood delivery in trucks. The
seafood vendor is able to enhance the service by ensuring freshness of the seafood from
source to destination
Use the following outline as a guideline for the requirements:
· Problem statement (can be opportunity or innovation statement)
· Solution
o How the solution addresses the problem/opportunity/innovation
o How the Information Systems components are covered in the solution:
§ Hardware
§ Software
§ Data
§ Network
§ Procedures
§ People
– The value which the solution presented bring to the organization (or to you if this is a
project about something in your daily life)
· PowerPoint (or another presentation tool) presentation covering all of the requirements
· Speaker notes describing each of the slides (short and summarized)
· References
· Acrobat PDF or PowerPoint format (make sure that the speaker nots are included)