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For this paper, choose an article from the news on any topic related to Health Information Technology or peer reviewed article from NLM or any other source.

The attached document provides some sources for the articles.


Make sure your paper meets the following guidelines:

The paper must have an introduction, body and a conclusion as well as title and references section.
The paper should be 1.5 – 2.5 pages long.
The paper must summarize the article in your own words, you may use quotes or paraphrasing sparingly as long as it is properly cited or you will loose points. Use the following website as a guide:
Ensure you provide 1.5 – 2.5 paragraph reflection on the article you used in your paper, state your opinion on the subject, your views on benefits or negatives to healthcare and society.
Ensure you provide a reference section at the end of your paper which includes exact link(s) to the article you used for your paper.
Use APA style for your references. (Use Citation and Bibliography feature under References tab in Microsoft Office to help you, this is a tutorial explaining how to use this feature Additional information can be found at 
Make sure your paper is double spaced.
Use SafeAssign to check your citations and ensure you are not using any quotes without referencing the author.