Creative writing

Part 1) Construct five questions that you think would make good discussion questions for the book. These can be questions concerning the argument that each book makes, questions about the sources and methods that the author or authors use, or questions about a book’s ability to help you understand the era or topic which it covered. For example, you could ask something like, “What is the book’s main argument?” or “In what ways does the scholar use his or her sources to make an argument? Please list your questions as: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Again, please list your questions and DO NOT condense them into a single paragraph. I want to be able to find your questions right away. Part 2) I also want you to write separately, in a single paragraph but on the same page as your questions, a one-paragraph response to the book. You may, for example, examine what you found most compelling about the author’s argument of the book itself. If you would like, you may choose to answer one of the questions you posed in your list of questions. You should demonstrate substantive and thoughtful engagement with the book.