criminal justice

 For this assignment, each student will select a country in the world and create a presentation that describes that country’s experience with organized crime based on book material and outside content. **The US should not be chosen for the assignment and will result in a maximum of half credit for the assignment,
This “presentation” (there is no formal presentation or video upload required) is a slideshow submission.
It will provide an overview and added detail about:

the nature (historical considerations, types of offenses, region-specific information that is important for organized crime here)
organizations/important people
responses (primarily by governments, but possibly by other organizations as well)
impact of organized crime in that area of the world (and/or globally)

include information about OC’s relationship to the state (is there political/LE corruption, for instance?)

Each presentation should, at a minimum, contain 13 slides (to include an introduction, slides addressing all 4 points above, a conclusion, and a reference slide). Slideshows should also include images. In other words, there should be, at minimum, an intro slide, a conclusion slide, a reference slide, and 10 content slides that address the 4 points and any other items that you view as crucial for your topic.