Criminal Law

This writing assignment requires you to read a hypothetical factual scenario and then writean essay identifying the crimes that occurred in the scenario and possible defenses to those crimes.You must explain what crimes occurred, explain the elements of each crime, and explain how thefacts show that the elements of each crime occurred. You must also explain any applicabledefenses, how the facts show that each defense exists, and whether you believe the defense will besuccessful. The essay will be in the form of a mock memorandum that is described further below. Your sole source for the law will be your textbook. You do not have to cite the book andno works cited or references section is needed. You should not perform any researchoutside of the textbook. The essay must be double spaced in Times New Roman font, 12 point, using the formmemorandum attached. MUST BE IN THE MOCK MEMORANDUM FORMAT PROVIDED IN THE ATTACHMENT.