criminology ch 14

Answer the following questions using the files attached ONLY. The files are the reading pages for the discussion questions. Minimum of 2 paragraphs per question. (2 sentences is NOT a paragraph) you DO NOT need to include the worded question at the beginning, just number each one and go, this adds unnecessary word count

How does white-collar crime differ from traditional street crimes?
How does white-collar crime compare with traditional street crimes in terms of property damage and damage to society? In terms of physical damage, such as injuries and death?

What impact did OSHA seem to have on corporate labor violations?How did Prohibition influence organized crime groups?

How did Prohibition influence organized crime groups?

What are some of the major contributions from the Kefauver Committee?

What is RICO?

What are some of the different types of cybercrime?

What difficulties are related to search warrants for cybercrimes?