critical thinking

Stiglitz, “Globalism’s Discontents”
Friedman, “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention


1. Stiglitz, “Globalism’s Discontents”
What does Stiglitz argue about globalization? What does he see as the strengths and weaknesses of globalization? How does Stiglitz view the work of international financial institutions such as the IMF or World Bank especially during the Washington Consensus period? What is his critique of these organizations?

2. Friedman, “The Dell Theory”
According to Friedman’s article what is the dell theory? (see page 294)
What does Friedman argue about countries such as Iraq, Syria, N. Korea, etc? (see page 296)
Does Friedman think the dell theory makes wars obsolete?

3. What are the similarities and differences between Stiglitz and Friedman? What worldview(s) do you think they are coming from?

4. Drawing on Ch. 8 Compare and contrast the national security view vs. human security view. What are the defining characteristics of each. Which paradigms support which view?

5. What are the main issues effecting the environment? (note there are 2)

6. Define each of these three terms:
1. Public good
2. Free rider problem
3. Tragedy of the Commons

7.What are the three solutions proposed to handling the problem of the environment? Which paradigms would you respectively associate with each of these three solutions?