Critical Thinking Individual Discussion Post

Critical thinking requirement
Critical Thinking
Individual Discussion Post
Due Date:  per calendar
Purpose: As nurses, we live and work in groups. We are born into families, attend schools with groups, enter friendships, work-related groups, and establish groups of our own with family or significant others. In all areas of nursing, nurses interact as a part of a group and with other groups and individuals.
The goal of this discussion topic is to review Critical Thinking skills used in nursing practice.
Knowledge: This assignment will assist you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in nursing

Nurse’s responsibility in making clinical decisions
Reflections effect on a nurse’s capacity to make future clinical decisions
Identify the components of a critical thinking model for clinical decision making
Ability to explain the relationship between clinical experience and critical thinking
Identify the critical thinking attitudes used in clinical decision making.
Identify how professional standards influence a nurse’s clinical decision
Understand the importance of managing stress when making clinical decisions
Identify the relationship of the nursing process to critical thinking.

Task: Providing application to the content area being reviewed and how one would interpret what occurred or how you would enhance the care of this patient type (as indicated).
Criteria for Success:

Each student will post their individual response to the discussion post.
Initial post to the group discussion must be completed by Wednesday night at 11:59 pm.

Your large group discussion post must be presented in grammatically correct sentences and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the discussion content with examples and suggestions for application to clinical practice and the case scenario presented. The initial post must be a minimum of 600 words total in length when all answers to questions are combined.  (The word count will change depending on the number of questions being asked.  For example: 3 questions total, each question will be a minimum of 200 words each).   Please note: this is only a minimum number of words, more words may be needed to get your point across.  Citations are not to be included in the word count.

Each student will reference (cite) their required textbook and an evidenced based article that is from an appropriate Nursing journal. The Journal article must be attached to the post. You may have to download the article to your computer than attach it to your post. If unable to attach, reply to your initial post and attach it there. Any other references utilized would enhance your stand on the discussion post.


All posts are to be supported and cited by the textbook and reliable nursing journal articles published within 5-7 years. All references must be accessible to peers and faculty by saving them to your computer as a PDF and you then link that PDF to your post. In text citations do not count as part of your minimum word counts.

After completing the directions below, post your individual response to the discussion forum.
Think of an example of a time when your own thoughts and background assumptions prevented you from seeing alternative solutions to problems.

Provide the group with a brief synopsis of the problem and how you dealt with it.
If you had it to do over again, what critical thinking competency or competencies from Chapter 15 would you use to help you solve the problem?
What attitude/s for critical thinking from Chapter 15 were you missing? How might you improve these attitudes for critical thinking? (You may utilize resources other than Chapter 15 here.)