Critique essay

For this assignment, you will search the library database and find one potential source to critique for this paper. This source should correspond to your chosen topic for the final research paper. Your goal is to evaluate the source in relation to your research paper topic/thesis and determine if the source is suitable for use in your final paper.
In your paper, you should:
Introduce the material and author under analysisIdentify the authors purpose and their thesis statementEvaluate the authors main pointsExamine the authors logic and validityState the materials strengths and weaknessesDetermine if the source will be useful in your final research paper and explain how or why it will or wont accomplish this
*Follow the attached rubric for specific guidelines and instructions**Use the Critique Essay Directions attachment for how to structure the essay and what to include*
This assignment should follow MLA style formatting and include appropriate citations, both in-text and on a Works Cited page. The paper should be at least two pages in length. Submit this assignment as a Microsoft Word attachment under The Critique Paper link below.

For a full breakdown of what is required in this paper and how you will be graded, please refer to the attached rubric used for grading. Strive to meet everything under the “Excellent” category.

Look at files for more instructions.