Write a reflection paper answering the following questions: What values does your culture hold most strongly? How might these values influence your role as a client? How might they determine the way counselors should work with you?What prejudices, if any, do you feel were directed at you? Do you think you have any prejudices about other groups? About counselors?         What cultural differences would counselors need to take into consideration to work more effectively with people within your community? Minorities are often put under strong pressure to give up their beliefs and ways in favor of adopting the ideals and customs of the dominant culture. What do you think we should do when working with clients who feel such pressure? How is the need for self-disclosure in counseling experienced by people within your culture? What are your values/beliefs regarding autonomy, independence, and self-determination? To what degree is assertiveness valued in your culture? How do you view a fully functioning person (How is well-being defined)? What other assumptions/values/beliefs can you think of that may either help or hinder counselors when counseling people within your community? This paper should be at least 6 pages, double-spaced, Times Roman 12 Point Font.