Culture in Nursing discussion week 4

A 45-year-old Vietnamese woman is in the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. Her teenage sons are with her, ages 14 and 19. The nurse asks if the sons can help interpret to get the history of the illness.

1.     How can the nurse ensure culturally competent care?

2.     Was the nurse correct in asking the sons to interpret?

3.What might an institutional policy regarding interpretation and translation recommend?

( Hi , has to be apa 6th edition, 3 references minimum not older than 2015 thank you)

Also for question number 2 , the nurse is not correct in asking the sons to interpret only the interpreters from the hospital are allowed to do so unless an emergency is present since this is kind of  like an emergency so im not sure if you want to mention that since in this case it is accepted because its an emergency.