Dale Carnegie assignment

The paper shall be at least 3 full and not more than 4 pages. Double-spaced. 12 Point font. Times New Roman. MLA format
Pages 1-2 shall include a brief recap of your initial vision, a statement and an example of what you feel is the major achievement you have received from participating in the Dale Carnegie Course and 2-3 sentences on your future vision. Please write your reflections of me as your trainer

In the final one (1) page of your paper, discuss in detail how your experience in the Dale Carnegie® Course has shaped the ways you plan to interact with others in the future.  Specifically, discuss how a better understanding of your own values and of other peoples’ values can help you build relationships.  How are your obligations to your organizations (family, work, and other) and to society affected by your personal values, and how are your personal values affected by your obligations to your organizations and to society?  If a specific incident has affected your thinking on these issues, please include a discussion of that experience in your reflection.